Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo Santos sticks                                                                                  5 sticks

The natural energy that can support your energy. 


Average lenght: 10cms (10x1x1 cm, 6grs. ea.)

The holy wood, palo santo has been used to remove stress and to clear negative energy.

How to use:

You can hold it as an incense and bend it sideways in order to reach the flame for 20 seconds till the wood will caught fire and sparks have formed. Give the intention needed to “clear this space”, “add positivity” or anything you feel that it is needed.

After a minute, when there is no flame, blow it out and walk where you feel that you wish to cleanse the energy. 

The smoke is part of the process.

Palo Santo can help you with: 

- to strengthen your immune system 

-increase your defenses to prevent/counteract respiratory diseases 

-common flu, 






-tiredness, etc. 

The company I choose to invest in the Pale Santo is environmentally friendly. 

-They reforest.

-they respect trees 


origin: S.America