How everything came into being….

Everything started in 2018 while I was meditating to ask how I could provide the world with a way to intensify clarity healing love and purity using knowledge drawn from my past that would relate to a new reality. I was looking for an instrument to elevate our consciousness to a higher level.
The divine inspiration for Cosmic Blessings came into being from the connection of my heart with the intracosmos of the universe and my feelings of unity with its oneness.
I visualized natural essences combined with colours, gemstones, sound healing, Angelic vibrations of love and the intention to create something God-given. 
Cosmic Blessings was born. 
A family of four.
My four stars
My first inspiration resulted in Heartbeat (2018), the second gave me Rebirth (2019), the third Star Alchemy (2020) and the fourth Joy (2020).