Tips and management for cleaning the house

Let’s accept it, when kids and dogs runs through the house and kitchen dust and mess happens. It becomes more irritating when kids track through the house right after you have done cleaning from carpet to bedrooms to bathrooms. We can all agree to this and let’s share some good ideas and tips for stay at home mom cleaning. The reason behind sharing this tips is to help you to deal with the dirt, dust and grime that has gathered under the fridge, couch or bed more than a year. There are some particular area that need some attention coupled with some secrets of cleaning like outstanding cleaning product in your house! Eventually, no one likes investing your precious time in cleaning all day.

There are several tips for stay at home mom cleaning.

  • Special attention: many areas at home need some extra attention and that’s why task of cleaning kitchen should not be taken casually. Take baking soda to clean gas stoves as it helps to keep them fresh and smell free. You can use baking soda on carpet as well but be careful when using, apply it lightly over your carpet. For Some areas you can use vinegar team it up with washing powder vacuum it properly and keep it for drying.
  • Extensive or Deep cleaning: deep cleaning means, cleaning from each and every corner of your house whether top of your fridge or corner of your couch or even overlooked small areas of the house. Cleaning not only involves sweeping, mopping and vacuuming but it also involves the stain free and webs free cleaning.

Checklist cleaning method: this is a simple basic methods generally used in all hotels and also useful for stay at home mom cleaning. You can make a checklist for your room for cleaning things and items. This works wonders with overall house cleaning as you have a checklist for each of the room of the house and can go one by one to start cleaning.…


How to keep balance between your kid activity time and cleaning house


One of the toughest things for stay at home mom is to think on how to balance everyday household tasks and giving time to your children. Not to feel guild about accepting that you are still figuring out how to spend time with your baby as well as completing household chores. There are times when you need to spend many hours with your kids and there will times when your house will be totally clean and maintained as your little one continually busy in watching his cartoons. You might feel bad not able to keep that delicate balance of keeping house clean and not giving time to your baby. You need to make a perfect schedule and maintain self-discipline to balance this common routine of Stay at home mom cleaning. If you schedule right then it’s needless to worry about the family breakfast, making fun activity with your kid and maintaining the whole house structure with necessary household chores. By this, it doesn’t mean to do something miraculously fun every single day. Don’t overburden your head. There are times when you are unable to show your house activities every day. Just think what your own basic standards are and set those standards.


I have mentioned some tips here to discover comfort your life and helps you to establish a daily cleaning routine that is compulsory.  Some thigs that need to be schedule for Stay at home mom cleaning are:

  • Vacuum the carpet house weekly
  • Pick up things from your kids room every morning and every night before going to bed.
  • Change your bedsheet every Monday
  • Dusting every on every alternate days
  • Laundry at the weekends
  • Clean bathrooms 3 days a week.
  • Clean vessels and kitchen appliances daily once in whole day


Undoubtedly daily and weekly mandatory task may be different of everybody, but this basic and least standards may impress anyone who accompany at your house at any time. This makes your house spotless as well as keeps down your stress levels.

Some facts that need to be discuss with your partner to find out what he expect from you as a housewife. To keep a strong partnership it is necessary to talk over your duties with him. You need to find out the different ways to speed cleaning and also notice that with fast work in your room works like appealing. The phase when you are struggling with being a home manager and mom, your discussion with your spouse will make you understand  how much time you should spend with your baby and at the same time when to avoid the household activity which are not necessarily to be done every time. He may also offer u a help on weekends. This can balance your works and you can get time for yourself on weekends. Its OK if can’t keep things spotless but it is necessary to keep things tidy and clean, thinking this way can take extensive pressure off of Stay at home mom cleaning.

  • Take at least 15 minutes before going to bed to go through the house and pick up all the stray toys, dirty clothes or used vessels and put them at an appropriate place. This lessen the stress in the morning.
  • Organize bins in your tiny tot’s bedroom. So that he or she would use the bins to sort smaller toys parts of toys. Make him learn to put his toys separately in bins be it a puzzle bin, car bin or toy food bin.
  • Do you really think dishwasher is useful for only washing dishes! I think here I have to correct you that from my experience you can wash bath toys, sandbox toys, plastic hairbrushes, flip flops etc. you can clean lot of stuff in your dishwasher. You can also wash ceramic vases, certain glass vessels and dustpans all in your dishwasher


  • When spring time deep cleaning in your room, start from the top and go down till the surface area Make sure the corners are well cleaned to make it free from webs.

Above mentioned tips required very less time and effort. Don’t hesitate to make your kiddos to help you. They love to do things we do, so let them put toys back, unload dryer, unload dishwasher and let them enjoy.






The choice of being a Stay at home Mom

stay-at-home-mom If I had the choice I would choose the stay at home mom life again.  Even after all of the ups and downs!

The goods always outweigh the bad when you have each and ever day spent with your children..  I mean there were certainly days where I wanted to pull my hair out when my kids got into the paint and drew all over my walls, or they tried to make me breakfast in bed and spilled the milk all over the kitchen floor.  Yeah that stuff happens, but when I get to wake up in the morning and feed my kids breakfast and put them to bed at night!  It is overly satisfying.

I found this short video on YouTube and it really is awesome check it out!